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Coral Hospitality Corp. is a firm composed of several companies with extensive experience in different areas of the tourism sector such as management of all-inclusive hotels, administration of tourist condominiums, rental of tourist residences, marketing of vacation packages, among other service areas in the category. The brands belonging to CHC are: Xëliter, Coral Costa Caribe and International Vacation Club.

The firm CHC, through its brand Xëliter, takes a step forward including in its portfolio properties of renown outside the all-inclusive, without stopping its operations as one of the leading groups in distributing this range of products in the Dominican Republic.

By creating the Xëliter brand, CHC becomes the first company in the country to introduce the concept of vacation rental in the tourism industry. Modifying its business model and becoming a condominium management company, a function that operates under the Xëliter brand.

Together with Antillean Marketing Services, the company creates a platform for collection and assistance to the owner of each unit formalizing the business relationship between investors, owners of condominiums, commercial premises and marketing and sales departments responsible for commercializing the product.

In addition to the operational structure of the real estate condominium Xëliter has an experienced corporate structure that supports management in:

  • Operations Director, who collaborates with the operation of the condominium
  • Accounts Payable Department for management over service providers
  • Collection platforms through CHC composed with a collection department (AMS) Department of Finance in charge of reconciling the accounts of the condominium and preparing reports
  • Legal department and alliances with legal companies for the recovery of difficult maintenance fees.

As a hotel chain, under CHC operates Coral Hotels & Resorts, a company that manages all-inclusive hotels in beach destinations in the Dominican Republic.

Among the companies that also operate under CHC are the International Vacation Club (IVC), which is a company that deals with the sale of vacation packages for several hotels in the Dominican Republic. And Xëliter and its different divisions, which is a company dedicated to the administration, rental and sale of condominiums and tourist properties in different sectors of the Dominican Republic.

A Vacation Rental, is the rental for a determined period, of a furnished apartment, house or condominium unit professionally managed and thus allowing an alternative stay to the tourist to what the hotel offers.

Cap Cana, Juan Dolio y Samaná Tel. 809-5621-6725 ext. 386 y 388.

You can communicate directly with the Development Department at our corporate offices.

To make your reservation at any of the hotels you can contact our commercial offices. You can also visit Coral Hotels or Xeliter to make your reservation directly, safely and efficiently through the Internet.

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