Our mission

For our members:

Offer quality services, through each one of our companies, operate in a competitive and innovative manner exceeding each client expectations.

For our collaborators:

Promote team work, initiative and personal and professional development of our human resources, founded on a philosophy of quality based on the constant improvement.

For our country:

Contribute with the country´s economic and social development, maintaining the commitment of optimizing the quality of our human personnel through the continuous education and the implementation of cutting edge technologies.

Our vision

Continue consolidating our leadership in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean´s tourism sector. Be recognized as an avant-garde business group, which is distinguished for the quality and competitiveness of its services, the human warmth of all its collaborators and the responsibility in the fulfillment of its services.

Our values

Our values ​​are not only those that guide our thoughts, but they are the support of everything we do in each of our companies. For us, they are our way of life.

Excellence in service

We depend on exceptional people to provide services at the highest level. We set ourselves high standards and support each other in order to achieve them.

Open to change

Change for us is a culture we live and adopt as many times as necessary in order to make any of our functions more efficient.


We depend on each other to achieve exceptional results, respecting and valuing the personal differences which ultimately make us stronger and complete.

Love of work with a sense of belonging

Our work is more than a way of life, it is our way of life. We are committed to always offering the best of ourselves in everything we do.

Good humor, joy and hospitality

We carry out our work with the best of mind, offering our best face in and out of the organization. An impeccable service is for us essential, necessary and imperative.

Commitment to Work and Productivity

We are responsible of our actions and we show ourselves as so. We have a high sense of responsibility to deliver what was agreed.

The conservation and respect for the environment

We are aware of the impact we have individually and jointly, in the community, in people, in companies and in the environment. We seek not to contribute to the deterioration of the environment, but rather to conserve and improve it.

Growth and leadership

We have the necessary environment for a performance that is transformed into growth in our organization. We form leaders who respect the individuality of their collaborators, at the same time that they appreciate and take the best advantage of their qualities.