We are a company that has served the local and international public for more than 20 years.

Our origin dates back to the early 90s, with an initiative that was carried out when we were part of the BHD group, to participate in the tourism business in the Dominican Republic, through capital investment in complex projects and in the creation of Coral Hospitality Corp, as operator of such complexes.

In 1996, these businesses were consolidated into a single division, which incorporated a new company in addition to the properties and the operating company: Coral Vacation Club, now known as International Vacation Club, a company specializing in the marketing of timeshare programs that They offered.

Successful experience and the need to expand the market led to the search for a strategic partner that would further facilitate access to North American and international markets.

This allowed the creation of the Coral by Hilton brand, which allowed it to be recognized worldwide as the “all inclusive” of the Hilton brand. In 2007, the promoters of the Coral tourism division acquired the rights of the Coral brand, which until then was owned by the BHD Group, before the decision to withdraw the investments of the consortium from that line, taking into account regulatory reasons prevented from continuing to participate. In businesses that are not strictly financial.

Since then, the corporation whose name is Coral Hospitality Corp (CHC), has focused in the administration and operation of high-level tourist condominiums, located in the main tourist centers developed in Dominican Republic.